Frequently Asked questions

What is TUK?

Who will benefit the most from TUK?

Savvy front-end developers Back-end developers who dislike developing UIs Agencies using Tailwind CSS Startups interested in rapid development Companies overhauling existing websites/apps People who want to make great UIs without spending a fortune

What are the best ways to use TUK?

Who maintains TUK?

What if we are already using Tailwind UI or another Tailwind CSS UI component set?

Does TUK use a JavaScript framework?

Does all your templates and components have integrations and interactions?

Does TUK templates and components have WordPress integration?

Does TUK offer Alpine.js integration?

Early access

What is 'Early access?'

As an “Early access” customer, how will I know about new updates?


Can I use TUK for client projects?

Can I re-distribute components of TUK in a tool or template?


Do you offer a trial?

Do you have a refund policy?

How do I purchase a license for my entire team?